julien.jpgJulien Quentin (played by Gaspard Manesse) is a young Catholic boy who is pampered by his mother. He is fairly smart and enjoys reading. Julien is confident in himself and is also very competitive, which often gets him into trouble of some sort. He befriends Jean and learns to accept him for who he is, once he realizes the truth.
jean.jpgJean Bonnet/Kippelstein (played by Raphael Fejto) is a young Jewish boy who is hiding at the school from the Nazis. He takes the last name Bonnet and pretends to be a Protestant. He is smart, attentive, and enjoys reading just like Julien. Jean and Julien form a close bond and become very close friends. We learn at the end of the movie that Jean is killed in a concentration camp.
mom.jpgMme. Quentin (played by Francine Racette) is Julien and Francois's mother. She admits at the restaurant that she infact does not dislike Jews and doesn't understand why it is necessary that they be persecuted.
francois.jpgFrancois Quentin (played by Stanislas Carre de Malberg) is Julien's brother who enjoys giving the Nazi officers wrong directions and accuses the French policemen of being collaborators.
perejean.jpgFather Jean (played by Philippe Morier-Genoud) is a monk and the headmaster of the school. He illegally sneaks three Jewish boys into the school in hopes of saving them from the Nazis. He is also taken away by the Nazis and later dies in a labor camp.
joseph.jpgJoseph (played by Francois Negret) is the kitchen hand who is accused of trading the school's supplies in the black market. Due to the fact that he is fired from his job, he reveals to the Nazis that there are Jews hiding in the school.
cook.jpgMme. Perrin (played by Jacqueline Paris) is the kitchen lady who also doubles as the nurse. Joseph claims that she traded and stole more than he ever did, but she remains working for the school.