Low Order Questions

1. Do Julien and Jean become instant friends when they first meet?
2. Who tells the Gestapo that the school is hiding Jews?
3. Where is the main setting of the film?
4. What does Julien trade to Joseph?
5. Which member of Julien's family do we never see but who is mentioned?
6. How does Julien discover Jean's secret?
7. What interest do Julien and Jean have in common?
8. Who is taken away besides the Jewish boys at the end of the film?
9. Who tells the French police to leave the restaurant?
10. What happens to the Jewish boys at the conclusion of the film?

High Order Questions

1. Do you think that Julien is innocent or ignorant? Is his naivete his virtue or his flaw?
2. Why is Julien the only boy who befriends Jean? Why do the other boys seem to dislike him?
3. Which event seems to be the turning point in Jean and Julien's relationship? Why?
4. How is the mother's behavior in the restaurant representative of France at the time? Is her opinion typical?
5. Is Julien responsible for Jean's capture? Why or why not?